Thursday, June 2, 2011

I had the great pleasure of sitting in the surgery center with 2 lovely women.  I've sat with them many times and we all know the routine.  But each time I'm blessed that our conversation and our time take us deeper in relationship. 

All 3 of us are the "you see what you get" kind of women.  There's not much pretense about any of us.  (Part of the reason I really like these 2!)  There's also a sincere truth in their friendship that they let me be part of on days like today.  I'm not just the pastor, I'm another friend.

I watch people wander through life making tasks important.  Whether it be work or home or the guy screaming at me on the highway as he pins me between himself and the semitruck in front of me....anyway, life is full of busy, chaotic tasks.  It's easy to get caught up in their importance.  But they really don't do anything but lead us to the next task.

To engage with in loved and to love share secrets and laughter/'s so rewarding.  It nurtures something inside of us that otherwise starves.

It's summer.  It's time to slow down and nurture those relationships.  Especially the one with the God who created us, don't you think?!

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