Sunday, June 19, 2011

Michael, my husband, was adopted as a baby and has never met his biological family.  We've talked about it length through the years, but have never pursued the conversation.

When we found out we were pregnant with Patricia I was scared out of my mind!   He became a man in that moment.  Something in him clicked and blossomed in that moment and he was a man ready to raise a child.  When she was born she was the first person in the whole world who was biologically related to him and part of his life.  The first person he had ever met who shared his dna!  It was amazing to watch him with her.  He was in the same place of awe and wonder with Rebekkah years later.

Yesterday the girls were working on their notes to Daddy for a special bulletin insert at church.  While Patricia poored out her heart and melted her Dad's, Bekkah nailed him to the wall.  "Daddy is wonderfullness!"  She asked if wonderfulness is a word and I said, "it is now!" 

I preached about how God has used all kinds of flawed and broken men through the years to touch our lives and shape us.  They may have been fathers, uncles, grandfathers, brothers, friends....they were/are men!

I agree with my daughter...Michael is wonderfulness!  Thank God for the blessing.

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