Saturday, June 18, 2011

One of the summer traditions that has been passed down generation to generation in my family is church camp!  And today daughter #1 took off early to get settled in as a counselor in training before daughter #2 descends tomorrow as a camper.  It'll be an amazing week for them...mountain God stuff!...the week they talk about all year...something to remember all their lives!  Yep, they'll have an amazing week!

My Mom was always thrilled to see me off to camp.  Not because I was going to be on top of the world for a week, but because she was going to get a break.  I know parents like this now...I appreciate that feeling, but I don't have it.  I'm one of those crazy parents who loves summer and "my time" with my kids.

Now, I'll date my husband...dinner, walks, talking over hot cups of coffee.  I'll clean corners left for clutter, dust and cobwebs.  I'll get caught up on my visits for church...I hope!  But I know I'm missing a precious moment with my girls and I will miss them. 

I love being a parent...I just do!  They have taught me so much about love, confidence, hope and faith.  It's through my kids that I have become better as a person.  (Yes, there are few other folks I adore for helping me with that...we'll get to them later in this journey!)  So, while my girls are growing in their faith on that amazing mountain top I will be waiting anxiously to retrieve them. 

Thank God for the mountain tops, but thank God for the breaks that remind us how precious our normal life truly is.

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