Monday, June 13, 2011

I argued with my husband!  That really isn't surprising to most folks and when I've said it to people in the past a lot them laugh.  They've been there!  (I love older folks who tell me these great stories of their marriages and remind me I'm ok!)

When we first got married and argued I was confused and scared.  I hadn't seen my parents do that so I thought something was wrong.  It took us a long time to figure out better and healthier ways to argue...but we've always argued until we got through it.  We never gave up on each other. 

A little girl was playing my daughter outside and probably knew we were my opinion the whole world knew, but I'm a little paranoid.  Anyway, she was sweet...her parents argue, too.  I had to smile!

I wonder...Did Mary and Joseph argue?  Not sure on that one!  Abraham and Sarah?  Oh, I'm betting they did!  After all...Sarah laughed at the idea of being a Mom and I can only imagine the anger she felt over the sacrafice of Isaac story until she calmed down.  Oh, and there was that whole handmaid thing....Did David and Bathsheba argue?  Funny, huh?  Imagining these children of God/leaders/role models in faith being just like us.

I love my Bible!  It reassures me that I fit into the story of God...imperfect, flawed and arguing with my husband!  It's part of life...but we have to get all the way through the argument and ALWAYS love/respect/treasure the other person as also a child of God...imperfect, flawed and equally allowed to argue!

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