Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm sitting in my living room where much of the furniture is upside down since I was cleaning carpet last weekend.  The girls still have launry in the living room from coming home from camp.  And I'm sick!  Lovely!  Yep, I have a touch of something that just has me achy and yuck.  I'm not looking for sympathy...I'll get over it in a day or so!

Have you ever noticed how chaos all happens at the same time?  or maybe it's just me...I'm not whining...just reflective on life tonight.  See, I'm supposed to be at church where we are service a Free Community Dinner tonight.  I love these dinners.  I love the folks who come.  Some of them live with chaos as normal and some of them live lives where chaos is rarely in the room.  It's a great mix of's also sanctuary.

While I'm dealing with the chaos of my life (which is what I need to be doing) I know there are people being great warmly by friends new and old for a time of fellowship and a meal.  Nothing fancy...just a meal served without judgment in a church.

Chaos is normal to life...some days are better than others and some weeks the chaos takes over.  In these God weaves moments of sanctuary...moments to know God's love, safety and grace.

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