Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alright!  Just a little advice to the's your choice to take it, but seriously, world!  Today is Pentecost...the birth of the "church"!  Not a building with a nice steeple...the community of faith known as the body of Christ woven together by the Holy Spirit!  Which also means our lives individually should reflect our faith.  (Yep, I'm one of those crazy preachers who believes that my life isn't just reflecting reflects my church, my faith, my relationship with God.  Yes, I make mistakes and seek forgiveness...ALOT!)

When at grocery on Sunday afternoon after church not eat fruit out of the cut fruit cups and put back on shelf!
...for that matter don't eat the produce before you buy it. nice the deli person!  They are trying their best to deal with the 50 people ahead of you so they be treated poorly by you because you're grouchy and hungry.
...don't feed your children donuts and let them run through the store.
...don't be offended by the screaming were a child once, too! kindly...I'm allowed to walk to my car without getting run over. know blessing not a burden.

You laughed didn't you?  But you know what I mean...and we've all done it!  We've all been "too busy to be an example".

That's just a few examples, folks.  We go to church and put on our happy faces, but the truth is that it doesn't matter a hill of beans if we don't live our faith when we leave those walls.  Being the church isn't how loud we sing or how devout we pray.  Being the church is how we live our faith so that God's love is shared with others.

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