Friday, June 3, 2011

Have you noticed how problems just seem to come in bunches in life?  It's like you're going along fine and then everything falls apart...better find your strength because it's falling apart!  What I've noticed during those times are how people deal with it.  I remember one woman kept it all secret until it was all over.  I'm not sure I could do that.

There's this other woman, though, who I just can't get out of my mind today.  When you meet her she seems like everybody else, but a little quiet.  Hard working, people smart, compassionate!  Then you get to know her you realize she's one tough duck!  She doesn't take any crud from people, and she calls a spade a spade.  (By the way...I really like people like that!  Especially women!!)

I had a chance to talk to her recently and asked her about her life.  She was kind enough to really share some hard times...not fussing over them...just telling me.  It was in her stories where I found out how truly strong she is.  The problems didn't define her, but they did move her.  She's not a victim...her struggles made her strong and resilient.

As the struggles in life happen...and they will...we have choices to make about how to handle them.  Will you be strong and resilient or...?  I'm grateful for the role models of faith I encounter daily.

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