Monday, June 6, 2011

Most unexpected loveliness last evening!  We had decided earlier in the day to go on a picnic last night.  So after loading up the van and stopping at the grocery we headed to a local county park.  It's a pretty place that was created during the Depression so it has that old feel to it that makes for a lovely Sunday evening under the trees.

We had hoped to stop at our favorite picnic spot close to a waterfall in the creek, but found it pretty packed.  So, we drove around until we found another shady spot.  As we headed the one we wanted another group was headed the same way and about 10 steps ahead of us so we swayed to the left and went to the next set of tables.  Not as ideal, but ok we thought.

After lighting the grill and messing around with chairs we realized we had been beaten out by a group of musicians.  They were gently strumming away as their group grew larger and we were serenaded by folk music all evening.  It was wonderful. 

I looked around at one point and realized the community of people was increbily diverse, which I love.  From the African American kids running around with water balloons to the Indian women carrying babies to the hispanic family borrowing lighter fluid from us and the Muslim woman playing with her kids it was like a picture of God's Peace!  It was wonderful.

We had set out on a small adventure that turned into an evening to remember!  It could have been clouded by the heat and bugs and not getting to be where we wanted, but the change in plans turned into a great blessing we weren't expecting.  God is shaping a world of beauty if we can choose to relax into the wonder of it rather than the fear and hate that divides us.

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