Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I have had the kind of headache the past few days that makes everything hurt.  The pillows were too hard, walking hurt my head and opening my eyes was a real strain.  So, today became a blessing...after the headache finally ended.  I enjoyed the little things today.

It rained...I enjoyed the clean smell of it.
It rained...and I enjoyed the coolness of the air.
My 17 year old daughter cooked with me!
My 11 year old was lit from within after Bible School.
My husband is home with me and gives no reason to doubt him...He loves me!

Right now my husband is watching baseball, my oldest is reading a book and my youngest is hanging with her new BFF!  I'm listening to the quiet and pondering the blessings in life.

Someone...there are a lot of someones saying things!...Someone said life is what happens in between events.  I'll take it!  I'll take the simple days that make life sweet. 

It's in these moments I know God gently and kindly smiling.  I hope you also know God today in a gentle and kind way.

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