Friday, June 10, 2011

It has been said that I dance to my own tune...and nobody else can hear it!  I don't fit the norm.  Well, in my front flower garden are petunias, flower pots of something, geraniums, garden ornament things...and 4, yes 4!, plastic pink flamingos!  I love them.  (In my bathroom is a string of flamingo lights and I'm taking a flamingo swim towel to the pool when I'm done with this.)

I know, they're tacky!  Right?  So what!  That's the opinion of someone...who?  Does this same opinionated someone also set the standard for skirt lengths, shoe heights and vegetable popularity?  (Yes, I like brussel sprouts...especially roasted/grilled!)  Do these things make me odd/peculiar/strange/weird?  Or just dancing to my own tune?  Or, maybe, dancing to God's tune for me?

I don't want to fit the "norm".  I want to stand out!  I want to be kind, compassionate, loving to ALL people, flawed, unpredictable....The unique child of God God is shaping me to be.

My flamingos are my way of laughing.  Looking out and seeing something fun, knowing the stereo type and knowing I'm not like everyone else.  They remind me that I am unique and I am supposed to be!  So, when you see my flamingon frenzy you can be offended or you can join me in my laughter and joy that God creates us to be unique!

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