Saturday, June 25, 2011

Camp is a good 2 hours away...ok so the trip up seems to take forever and the trip home is the blink of an eye...but technically it's a good 2 hour drive!  I'm happy to say it was a safe drive and the construction zones were decent, but that is completely an aside for those who might be driving that route tomorrow.

The drive home was filled with camp stories...sweet antagonism between 2 very tired and devoted sisters...a few songs sprinkled in for good measure...and plenty of Mom watching the faces of her girls lit from within as only camp can do.  They are beautiful in their faith today.  Completely drenched in the presence of God.

Camp has changed...different buildings...different faces...even the fact they were able to go this week is new to me since elementary kids didn't have this opportunity when I was kid...and being a CIT?  forget it!  But when I close my eyes I can see the old buildings, I can hear the voices and the laughter as if I'm transported into the cloud of witnesses that hovers over that sacred ground.  I'm part of something way bigger than myself...but my girls had the most awesome God moments of their lives this week. 

That's the magic of camp...the place/traditions/ideal transport us to be part of something beyond ourselves and at the same time transform us in the here and now!  That's the blessing of a God who is beyond our imagining and bigger than our boxes, though...right?

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