Friday, June 17, 2011

The possibilities!  It's the first day in days I woke up with energy and NO HEADACHE!  The possibilities of the day are endless.  Butterfly show?  laundry? cooking? walk in the woods? craft project?  finish my work?  (yep, it's also my day off, but I'm a bit behind this week!) ???

The possibilities are endless of the things I can do.  The sun is out, the weathermen called for warm and humid with late storms, which I love.  My family is home and the coffee is hot and strong.  I can do anything today!

It's easy to give God praise on a morning like this.  Being aware of God's presence is simple.  Now, to include God in the rest of the day and offer myself as a blessing for God to use is the challenge.  How will God use me today?  How will I be a mustard seed in another person's life?  The possiblities are endless!

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