Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I've started writing this several times!  Who are you?  Are you really who you present yourself to be or are you keeping the real you out of sight?  Are you afraid?  Or just keeping yourself private because of a career choice or other reason?

See, I befriended one of my daughter's teachers on Facebook and she clarified I had friended her teacher profile and when my kids graduate we could be "real" friends.  It got me thinking.  I reveal my life pretty openly.  I remember thinking about having 2 profiles on Facebook, but deciding I am who I am!  I'm not going to hide part of my life from folks.  (now, I understand this teacher's point of view and respect it!  BUT it got me thinking!)

It's not just Facebook!  People spend a great deal of time and energy hiding their lives.  Things are falling apart and they pretend life is great.  Life is great and people pretend nothing special is going on.  It's hard work to only present parts of ourselves and keep other parts isolated.

Who are we when no one is looking?  Better?  Worse?  No matter whether no one is looking or the world is aware...we're children of God!  Created by God!  Life breathed into us!  Worthy of love and relationship.

Are you hiding?  Or welcoming people into your life?  Are you living life waiting to be a "real" friend?

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  1. Good post Heather! I don't see how people can stay sane showing two different personalities depending on their company. As that wise sage used to say, "I yam what I yam!"