Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm loving me some summer today!  Michael and I went downtown to the market to get tomatoes and corn...oh, my goodness!  They had beautiful produce out today.  We're having BLTs tonight, which is funny because I never liked them until recently.   The corn I've loved since I was little, but having my daughter love summer food is like passing a tradition to her.   Next week we're looking for zuccini to make bread!

Bekkah and I just returned from hanging in the pool.  We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed the cool water and the bright sun.  I closed my eyes and floated along feeling the sun blazing and the cool water around me.  It was quiet and calm and I could just be lost in the moment.

Tomorrow Michael and Patricia are headed to church camp.  I remember those days at camp and treasure that my kids know the place as being holy.  It's changed quite a bit, but the impact on their lives is as great now as it was 25 years ago for me.

The girls are baking cookies and I'm moving slowly this afternoon.  I can watch the wind in the trees and the sunlight dance through the shade...I can listen to the bugs and the birds and watch the squirrels jump in the trees.

It's days like today when I can sit and watch nature and know I am part of it...not wishing I were.  I can feel the breath of God on my cheek and smile knowing I'm part of something so amazing that is beyond the fray of human chaos.

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