Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ok, I'm an old movie buff and I've corrupted my kids along the ride.  The younger one loves cuddling on the couch watching them and knows the stars pretty well.  So, today when we awaken I flip on the TV and there's a Natalie Wood movie on!  Now, rather than wisely change the channel I leave it there.  When the movie ended...yep, another!...Miracle on 34th Street!   Christmas in July!  Or in my case a late start with extra coffee and a great daughter to hang out with.

Sometimes it's the moments we don't plan that will be the memories that shape a person.  I'll get to the office later.  I'll finish that worship service later.  It will all get done, but for right now I'm basking in the blessings of being a Mom...Thank God!

A Simple message today...enjoy the blessings of being who God calls us to be in the moment we have.  relationship before task!

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