Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I know people who seem to find God just by rolling out of bed in the morning and seeing the sun shining.  I'm not one of them and lately...well, let's just say that the past couple of days I'm not sure I've been rolling out of bed in the right direction.  I may have just been falling out and bonking myself awake.  So, I've been striving for calm, but didn't truly find it until tonight!

See, once a month my church puts together a Free Dinner open to the community.  No expectations beyond we open the door, lay out a beautiful dinner and folks are welcome to enjoy a meal without having to wash dishes, cook a meal or hear a sermon from a preacher with good intentions...I just eat and say hi!  Oh, yeah, I get lots of hugs!

Something happens on these evenings!  The room truly becomes sanctuary...people are fed spiritually as much as physically...we come from all walks of life and none of it matters!  It's an evening of fellowship woven by God's hands and I...and others.... always walk out filled from God's sanctuary of Love!

Being in the presence of God changes things...I am full of faith!  I am filled by the spirit ready to serve!  Wouldn't it be cool if we could all find sanctuary in our lives on a regular basis?

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