Friday, July 8, 2011

We went to the Taft Art Museum yesterday where they are displaying 7 beautiful Tiffany stained glass windows from a church that was torn down for the building of I71.  The windows are stunning and the video on how they were cleaned and fixed was very enlightening. 

But what was truly enriching was, as we were debating the grandness of God in the architecture of our modern worship spaces...yep, I love those deep theological moments in the museum docents came up and chimed into the conversation.  That's cool!  Kinda odd for strangers to debate God, but hey, it's cool!  Anyway, turns out she used to be Christian Church (DOC), but didn't know we were in Cincy and so had joined a rather large Methodist church in town.  She was very clear she was part of a church she could be lost in without knowing people.  We talked and shared insights for awhile and then she left us to talk about the windows some more.

Later I got to thinking...are we invisible? or was she not looking for a DOC church?...there are 15 of us in the area!  Sometimes I think people don't look for what is there because it's not the shape they want it to be...or the color...or the size...or the whatever.  We come up with all kinds of excuses to do something we want or avoid things we fear, dislike, challenge us.  For me, I have this tendency to like life comfortable...not having to change!  (The cable is out and it just about threw me into a tizzy...that's how much I dislike change!) 

As I reflect on the windows and the church that was sacrificed for a highway I wonder how many hidden treasures have been lost to us not looking for them or looking for something we think we want so we can be lost.  How many thins have missed in my want to not be noticed?  How many opportunities to respond to God's voice have I missed because I wanted to be lost?  Because I didn't want to deal in/with change?

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