Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Michael and Patricia are at church camp and Bekkah and I are home this week.  It's amazing how strange it feels to be home rather than in the office.  We're also living with less structure to our plans so it seems really odd.  I keep thinking I supposed to do...which is a good reminder that I've probably been doing too much.  I don't know how to relax...but I'm learning!

It's amazing how easy it is to become too busy without even realizing we're busy.  Saying yes is so much easier than letting people down.  And then all of the sudden we're tired and in need of a break...but too much to do to take one.  It's nice when a break is dropped on us...without illness, guilt or threat of more to do to earn it.

This week is my mandatory break to be with Bekkah.  We don't plan much, but we are just together.  I look at her face and realize how much she's grown since last year...her hands are becoming long and elegant next to my short fingers.  She's almost taller than me...as her principal so kindly pointed out today.  I don't notice these things in the busyness of life.  We are just together in silence or giggling or listening to a book on tape or just being together.  She's so calm and patient in life.  I learn much from her!

We need breaks.  We need time to stop and do nothing.  We need to look at our lives and notice the changes.  We need to stop and know our lives rather than reflect on what has passed us by.

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