Friday, July 22, 2011

I came to church to pray and check on some things this morning...yep, my day off!  But it's too hot to be outside and I'm in dire need of a break so I thought prayer would help.  Anyway, as I checked the email at church an ad came through for 2012 calendars.  REALLY?  Already?!

I'm sitting in amazing heat this week still trying to figure out where spring went and why there are school supplies on sale already.  My oldest daughter will be a high school senior in a mere 3 weeks and I'm still thinking she needs to learn to ride a bike or swim or needs me to scare away the monsters at night.  Reality is a hard pill for me as I watch this beautiful creature I held in my arms now become an elegant walking miracle of all grown up.

Wait a minute...I haven't grown up yet!  I'm still waiting for my Mom to scare the monsters away in the night and fix me dinners that warm my heart and fill me with love.  Somehow time moved on and now it moves too fast.  I'm not lying in the grass watching clouds and climbing trees to reach the sky...neither is my baby any more.  She's testing her wings and soaring to places I can only dream.

2012?  I'm not ready for you!  But truth is, with God as my center, I'll be good!  Afterall, It's only by the grace of God guiding me that I am who I am today.  And I know my daughter is centered on her Lord and Savior leading her to God as well.

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