Thursday, July 7, 2011

While we were out driving last night we decided to stop and see some old friends.  On the way there and back we were struck by all of the changes in their community. Roads were different, housing communities built, parks created, all kinds of changes.  It’s part of life.  We stopped by one of my favorite places as a child and I stood and closed my eyes and saw children running and playing and knew every tree and blade of grass.  When I opened my eyes I saw changes.  Different trees, the gold fish pond was gone and the blackberry bushes were a nicely trimmed lawn.

Change is part of’s the proof that things are alive and moving in most cases.  We hold onto the foundational things and let the rest of it change.  We bring new ideas...sometimes old life and let them blossom.  Change means letting dreams find life.  There’s trial and there’s error, but there is the willingness to try.  Change means not being caught up in fear, but alive to possibility.

As we drove home we also noted the businesses that are closed and empty.  We talked about how our community is changing, but little new is happening.  We hear about  and see the forclosures and unemployment news.  Yes, it's a crazy world of changes!  It's also a time of opportunity for those who want to dream and live out the dreams.

My focus is the church!  It's changing.  That is clear.  It is a time for church to be more truly authentic church than we've ever known before!  It's a time to dream and pursue dreams.  It's the time to embrace the possibilities.

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