Sunday, July 3, 2011

18 years ago!  I was younger than I wanted to admit.  The day was hot and with too much drama and way to much energy and argument in the creation.  Michael's Dad was ill and there were people missing.  We've watched the videos and have been struck at how naive we looked, who was actually there and many other things.

Today I sit and reflect that for 18 years I have been committed to the same person and all the drama, chaos, heat and stuff in preparation for the wedding doesn't hold a comparison to the drama, chaos and stuff we've lived through.  We've changed, but are still young enough to know we have a lot to learn.  We've lost loved ones we dearly wish were still here.  We've fought over stupid things, raised to amazing young women, and found ourselves in ways we could never have imagined.

18 years brings many things.  For us it has made us deeper, calmer, stronger and more committed.  18 years has  changed us as God's fingers have smoothed rough edges, roughed smooth edges and been the core of our strength and the forgiveness and grace that holds us together.  Do I think marriage is for everyone?  no!  Do I think a marriage can die?  yes!  But for me and Michael...marriage is a blessing.  Yes, a complicatedly dramatic blessing some days, but also one of the things we rely on for stability in the chaos.

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