Saturday, July 9, 2011

so...the cable TV is out!  Yep, at first I was really irritated.  (Probably because I was cranky and wanted some mindless downtime!)  But as the time continues I'm kind of intrigued with the challenge of finding other things to do.  The radio is on for news and background info, the laundry is begun and I'm ready for some serious household projects.

Bekkah is full of energy...without TV she is very entertaining!  She's been talkative and creative and is now anxiously ready for someone to invite her to go swim at any minute.  Gotta love being 11!  Patricia is asleep...17...but will probably not notice the TV being off since she lives with a book in her hand.

Michael is the one having trouble.  He'll admit it, too!  In his words he is mildly irritated by not having TV.  Yes, we talked about cable being a luxury and not a neccesity of life....but I think there's a baseball game he might miss.  He'll probably spend more time on the computer.

We become so dependent on things in life that aren't really signitficant and have a tendency to keep us from other things....One of my life stealers is TV!  So, while the cable guys try to figure out who is going to fix it I will enjoy the challenge of living without it.  May my time be more God reflective than frustratingly mindless craving.

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  1. I gave up TV during Lent. My house was never so clean, it was amazing how much more I got done in days time. You don't think you've become dependent on something until it's not there anymore. Good luck, you may be like me and consider giving it up for good.... or not. :)