Tuesday, July 26, 2011

There are days when things just seem to go the wrong direction..this seems to be one of those weeks!  All the signs were there Sunday in the midst of a really good Sunday, but...I just didn't prepare myself.  I guess there was a part of me that was just hoping the glow of Sunday would last all week. 

Oh, God,
for those of us in need of patience..center us on you and your strength instead of the things that call out our impatience.
for those in pain of grief, give comfort and love as they wander into tomorrow without the one they've been with.
for those who are ill, we seek your healing.
for those who are busy...help us, Lord, to stop and be in your presence.
For all things that complicate life, Lord, we seek you to guide us to be faithfilled.
And in the joys of each day, may stop and give you thanks and praise!

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