Saturday, February 23, 2013

prayer....Over the past couple years I've been questioned by some relationships on how to pray.   Some saying there are "correct" ways to pray and one person accused a group of us of not praying correctly.  Another conversation about how to pray and "Am I doing it Right?" as the primary question.

Prayer for me is an intimate conversation with the Lord.   As a child it is was on a play phone that I would dial and tap into my own privately phone line to God.  As I grew up I learned to just talk.  I actually knew how to sneak into the church my Dad was serving and "hang out" with God.   We would talk and eventually I learned how to sing.  As an adult I've found driving to be a great place to pray...the shower works well, too. 

Prayer is like talking with my best friend.  Sometimes I talk...sometimes I listen....most of the time we're just together.  Sometimes I laugh....sometimes I cry...most of the time we're just getting through each day together.  Sometimes we're incredibly close and sometimes my walls are up and I feel the loneliness of my isolation.  Sometimes I read scripture...sometimes I watch the wind blow and feel the rain on my skin wash me clean.  Sometimes I feel the sunshine and sometimes I feel the hug of another person. 

Each day is different.  Each day I am different.  Each day finds me in the correct position to pray more often than not....or maybe it's just that I don't believe that are incorrect ways to be with God.  Being correct isn't the's's bbeing with God.  God knows me in my correctness and my incorrectness...and God uses all of it to mold me and shape me.


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