Monday, February 18, 2013

I lead a Bible study on Monday morning that is one of the best things in ministry.  Today it got better.  One of the members laid out the challenge last week for all of us to bring a passage today that we had questions about from out personal reading over the week.  Several folks followed thru and we had one of those deep theological conversations seminary students dream of and seasoned pastors get giddy about.  I can't wait until next week.

To engage scripture seems so easy.  We can all read, we can all think.  But so often we just don't do it.  (Pastor friends...I've read the same studies you have about how much we take care of our own spiritual lives.  Thank goodness for Lent!)  Anyway, it's sad.

One woman brought a passage from 1st Kings about David's death.  She was caught by the soap opera aspect of it.  Love that part personally.  It brings that real sense of humanness to the Biblical role models.

We also looked at Proverbs and wisdom....which we're going to pick up next week.  And several other things we'll pick up as we go along.

Lent...a time to be shaped and to grow closer to God....a time to engage the scriptures and know the story.  Today I put the challenge out to read...maybe start with 1st Samuel and really know who King David was between Goliath and the crown.  What is it about him that makes him special?  Come on....there's nothing as good on TV tonight anyway!

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