Saturday, February 16, 2013

Life invades some days...sorry about yesterday...but see if my reflection doesn't give something to ponder in light of Lent.

Ever have one of those days when nothing goes well/right/decent?  EVERYTHING goes wrong?  Yesterday!  It included the all out argument with the spouse to make the day worse.  Neither of us dealt well with anything and made the day one of those that you wish at noon were over.  It was like being stuck in a groove and not knowing how to get out and looking at the other person screaming for help and they are just as stuck...Together we were mess!

Have I painted a good enough picture?  You've been there...we all have.  There are just those days in life.  Today I'm sitting here with the sun on my face looking into the face of a different day...calm, sane and happy.  I'm not yelling....not breaking anything  (Yep, I'm a breaker...that's a whole other blog, but it's also my confession of the moment.)  I have dinner in the crock pot and I'm off with my girls for a lovely experience.

Michael on the other hand woke up cold with a headache...after wrapping up in bathrobe and blankets and swearing he was fine I told him he had the flu.  He, of course, swore he didn't.  He's now quarantined in the back of the house and forbidden to breathe on us.  He's also calling someone else to preach.  I'll save the I was right moment for later since I'll probably come down with it next. 

Lent....Thursday was love...Friday was is life...each day is different.  Each day provides the opportunity to look at another part of our lives.  Yesterday provided the ugly side...the side I don't like living out and really hate admitting to.  It's a place I would rather never visit...but it's also a place where deep passions are confirmed.  Anger is a place where I see how deeply I love my husband and my self.  It's a place where I see my sinful side up close and ugly and start working on it.  It's a place to begin changing my sins into something else.

Anger used to scare me.  I thought it was sinful to be angry.  Then I engaged the picture of Jesus being woken up in the boat to calm the storm.  Or Jesus turning tables in the temple.  Anger isn't the sin.  It's a motivating force in life that when used properly changes us for the better.  When used improperly can become sin.

Lent...each day brings a new challenge to look ourselves.  From basking in deep love to the passion of deep's all good clay for God's fingers.

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