Friday, February 22, 2013

I laid in bed hearing the icy rain fall last evening...this morning I'm listening to the cars drive quickly towards their destinations.  The scroll on the TV is showing schools on delays and my daughter is happily watching MeTV.  It's a pause in the routine, which I love to have.  Our mornings seem like a whirlwind of activity with me getting glimpses of my girls running out the door to face the world.  Today, one of them got a little pause in the schedule. 

The other is on her way out the door and avoiding my's not the normal's helpful advice.  LOL!  I recognize that too often she gets the don't forget this and don't forget that kind of advice...the things she can figure out on her own.  But this was helpful once she stopped to listen...I even got the kiss on the cheek thanks as she took the advice. 

Between my own busy-ness and my ability to not want to listen (Yep, my daughter gets it from me!) I miss opportunities to be with God, to hear God's voice, to know whose child I am.  Blessedly it's Lent.  I have no excuses.  It's a  commitment I've made.  So today, I will work to listen, to know and to be with the blessings God sends my way.

We're well into this Lenten's too easy to let go and not journey.  I pray we all stay strong.

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