Wednesday, February 27, 2013

God of grace...God of the weather and the creation and the one who breathes life into us.  ahhhhhhhhhh....When I fall today may I know you catching me.  When I succeed today may I feel your Spirit flow through me as I am vessel.  When I sit and reflect may I see you fingerprints.  As I wander through the day may I not forget you...May I remember you're there.  As I encounter your children may I see you and not the things that break relationships....and I mean that in friends, family nad strangers.  (So, that includes driving)

God of the world...may I know beyond myself.  May I be open to where you need me today.

May I know you today, Lord.  May I not be caught up in the me, but in the you.

ok, today....I'm ready.

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