Thursday, February 14, 2013

I have to admit I'm glad to see my blog wasn't completely ignored and lost in the shuffle yesterday....was a pleasant surprise to see people liking and commenting on Facebook.  Thanks for joining along.

Valentines Day for Michael and I has always been very simple.  Our first was a Sunday night in seminary after a weekend of telling our parents we were getting married.  Let me tell you there's nothing romantic in that at all!  The engagement being expected by one set of parents and a complete surprise to the other should have let us in on surprises to come in the future, but we blessedly were naive.  Anyway, we kept Valentines simple....Pizza! thin crust mushroom and sausage.  We're doing our 20th tonight....that's hard to imagine!

Yesterday I went to the grocery to pick up a few things and was joking with the cashier about the overflow of balloons, flowers and stuff all around him.  We laughed about the men who would ravage the display in the next 36 hours trying to make someone happy.  I told him our tradition and he wished everyone could be that simple about it.

The thing is that simple.  It's the gentle touch of a hand to hold walking down the street, the voice you want to hear on the other end of the phone, the presence you want to feel safe in.  I'm not mushy type...I'm more the obnoxious screaming strange things to make you laugh type...but it's ok, he gets it....he gets the way my head works...the way my heart works.

Loving my husband today is such a good way to start Lent.  To know that God's love is deeper and more of everything is intense.  I love my husband and would be lost without him so starting Lent here is good.  God's love being more is amazing to me.  To ponder that love and to know that love as I wander to the cross makes me take a deep breath as if preparing for God's finger to reach over and mold my soft clayness. 

To back in God's love as I walk to the cross this confess my sins in the midst of that basking....Thanking God for loving me so much.....

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