Friday, August 12, 2011

Amazing moments...watching a community deal with the death of a young own heart has changed by some of the racism I've seen.    Seeing The Help and watching systemic racism somehow turned into entertainment....educational entertainment?

It's been a summer of ministry reflections.  Tomorrow is another Ordination of a young man with so much ahead of him.  Sunday I help celebrate the 65th anniversary of a friend's Ordination.  To be somewhere in the middle of both of these milestones and reflective of where ministry is moving...not just my own, but ministry in general.

I opened my door and windows to let the cool breeze refresh my home yesterday.  I live on a busy street, but I heard the firetrucks 4 times in 2 hours...excessive for where I live.  A reminder of the chaos all around.  I talk with friends and see divorce, lost jobs, lost homes, cancer, drugs, abuse, hatred....all kinds of pain.

I'm watching/praying a facebook page of teenage prayers and am saddened by the grown up issues of their lives.  Gun violence, police violence, family issues, school fears, cancers and illness, and so much more.  Cries for answers and compassionate embraces across the miles.

The passage for preaching I'm using Sunday...Nothing can separate us from the love of God!  Lord, help me to be a vessel of your love....Make my ministry a reflection of your love for us in an aching world.

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