Friday, August 19, 2011

It's been an interesting week.  The girls started another school year on Monday, which was less painful than I anticipated.  Yes, there's some grief in watching my oldest start her Senior year, but there's also a great sense of accomplishment at seeing who she is.  There's also a deep recognition of God's movement because she is clay I had no idea what to do with, but God did/does.  Watching her blossom is awe inspiring!

I spent time dreaming for me and my congregation and looking at calenda,r doing all of those organizational things one does in preparing for fall.  God has some interesting challenges ahead for us, but we have the strength of faith to live it.  It's good to spend time reflecting on where God has brought us and see how we've changed.  As a church...and for me as a person.

When I look at my own life and see the shaving God has done to my own clay I smile.  I am grateful for the changes and the fingers of God molding me.  Yes, some of those moments of being molded were painfilled, but I can see I am better now.  Kind of exciting to think about where I'll be someday.

I have many friends going through those molding times with some shaving going on in their lives.  I know they are in pain, but I also know they are growing and moving towards who they are becoming.  This is life in faith...knowing that things/people/life changes and we grow into something more, and hopefully, better.

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