Saturday, August 6, 2011

Church camp!  They're home and exhausted.  And camp prepared my daughter for reality when she came home.  A young man who had graduated in the star, academic honors, popular, college bound...was killed last night.  Was tazed by an officer...the kid was African-American.

It's hard to watch the social network move on this and it's not. These kids are grieving and they are angry...and they are turning to their faith!  The first gathering they are calling folks to is a youth rally at his church tomorrow.  Not an angry place, but a deep place of faith.  Oh, don't get me wrong...there are some angry kids who trust police less now than before.  There are some confused kids not sure how the world changed over night.  But they are turning to each other and to their faith.  May they know the strength of God's love and peace...and not the anger of evil...or the evil of anger for that matter.

I'm sure as the story plays out in the media it will eventually get to the fact that we've lost a really neat young man with lots of potential...but I doubt it will ever get to the bigotry in our society that makes being a black youth so difficult.  God helps us all!

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