Friday, March 22, 2013

Today has been a beautiful day in our house....we did nothing!  Ok, sorta.  We looked at buying a new know the discount is wasted by the delivery and set up fees?  We took our daughter to lunch.  We're headed out soon to buy stuff for our granola fix for next week...gotta be sustained during Holy Week running somehow!  The sun is shining so Michael raked sweet gum balls.  We've laughed at stupid things, stupid jokes and just plain spent time together as a family.

The weather man is saying we're going to get snow on Sunday....a crazy Palm Sunday!  A Winter Storm is strolling through Cincinnati Sunday and will mess with life as March prepares to end soon.  The trees are budding and my grass is turning green so I know this winter experience is coming to an end soon.  I don't blame the ground hog...I mean really?  They're suing the ground hog?!  That's just a waste of money, time and crappy publicity stunt.

I saw this morning the new Pope is going to have Hoyl Thursday in a "new" place this year and wash the feet of the down trodden instead of priest/cardinal type people.  I'm intruiged with this Pope.  He's stil conservative on the female leadership thing, but that's a common sin for a man.   I'm blessed to have men in my life who believe God really did create women with possibilities....not just as extra decorations for the arm.

In some ways today is my day to relax and breathe before the chaos of Holy Week begins and Easter comes flying in to end this whole Lenten experience.  I'm grateful for Lent this year...I was starving myself on a ration of task and Lent has brought me back to the healthy habits of relationships.  I was clinging to doubt and fear and have been able to find faith and grace.

Are you ready for Holy Week?  Have you cleaned out your heart and looked at the sins you're gonna leave on the cross?  Are you ready to journey past the Triumphal celebration of Palm Sunday into the truly hard part of our faith?  ....The Cross and the death.

Winter is hanging on...are you hanging onto your sins?  Winter is throwing one last party this weekend...are you holding onto those tasks/things that keep you from reaching out for the hem of his garmet in faith looking for healing? 

Catch your breath folks...the best is yet to come!

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