Thursday, March 14, 2013

This is the 3rd time I've sat down and starting writing today....I'm a little indecisive about what to say....not really!  It's kinda been one of those days.  I started with plan A and left it behind long before I hit the shower this morning.  There are days like this.  It's not been a bad day, but it's been full.

Truth is that today has been full of relationships.  Doing the tasks of life just hasn't fit into the plan today.  Sorry about the work I didn't finish, but people stepped into the time.  So, when I sit and reflect of the times I found God today it's easy...I found God in the relationships that went deeper. 

When I began Lent this year I admit I was really struggling.  I had been for some time.  The doubts of life had been weighing on me and I was really feeling a bit like the dry bones in the desert.  I needed Lent this year!   I needed to find God in the beauty of life again.

See I was caught up in the tasks, the getting them done and the ones needing done and the ones that just weren't getting done.  I was caught up in the priorities of tasks and the energy people spend on the doing or not doing or planning or complaining or whatever.  There's so much energy put on tasks in life.  If that's what life is about all the time it's exhausting.

I needed Lent this year.  Lent has brought me back to adjusting my life to be about the relationships....not the tasks that seem to hide relationships.  Often times the tasks of a relationship are the stumbling block.  Loving a person is more than the tasks and expectations of relationships.

I needed Lent this year to force me back into the groove.  As I let plan A, plan B and plan C go and allow myself to just go deeper in the relationships I have found I am being more faithful in my faith.  I am seeing God and hearing God's voice and loving God in deeper ways.

I know the tasks are important...but being a person of faith is counter cultural!  relationship verses task.....

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