Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Some of my friends here have seen this picture.  Early Monday morning First Christian in Owensboro, Ky was struck by lightening and burned.  The pastor shared this picture on facebook this morning saying the sanctuary was behind this wall before the fire.  It's a stark picture of the fire and rubble it left behind.  It's also the truth of faith standing strong and calling us forward.

In many of our congregations we use our "old" communion tables in creative ways.  Church remodeling projects come along and we change the tables, the furniture and carpet.  But the old Tables stick around in different places.  I imagine the pastors who stood at this table and the Elders who prayed.  I imagine the women who carefully prepared communion the first time and set it on the table for worship.  I imagine the worship services that centered around this table in the past.

The building burned.  The ministries are temporarily displaced.  The congregation is grieving a beautiful building and lost memories.  They can never go back. 

When I  first heard of the fire it wasn't long before my thoughts turned to the possibilities they will have of defining church together....To build a building that meets the needs of their ministry and the future possibilities. 

Life is full of chaos and tragedies and moments where we are brought to our knees in grief and dispair.  In the middle is the presence of God...remember me....hold onto me....grasp me and let me comfort you....let me tell you of my love.

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