Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I was praying for snow....and when I woke up early to watch the scroll for closings I was anxious and eager.  Excitement flowed as the first child was off school.  Later the complete picture was created when UC closed for the day as well.  I got to keep both of my girls and play with them today.  It's a rare treat now and so it was a true thrill.  Big breakfast, sledding with the neighbor, movie and nap for the afternoon....slow nothing important day.  The kind of day you savor.  Given our schedules lately it was nice.

The snow was lacy in the trees on our drive to sled and I had the opportunity to hear the silence that only comes with snow.  It's like everything is muffled and sound if the world transformed to the time before we filled it with noise and chaos.  The silence is a sound I crave this time of year. 

The day has also left me reflecting on this journey to the Cross and the empty tomb.   I'm looking forward to Holy Week and the opportunities.  The simplicity of the story and the chance to pray my way through it.  I'm finding my life is more full this year...full of relationships and the depth of them.

The best part of the day, though, was laughing and playing and be completely free to do just that! 

Maybe we just plain need more snow days and less busy-ness in our lives!  Maybe we don't play enough.  Seriously....we fill our days with tasks, appointments and errands, but not play.  Laughter and joy see to get repalced with traffic frustration, grocery chaos and task coordination. 

We might actually enjoy each other more and appreciate each other more if played more!  I dare you to go like someone and play with them until you giggle madly. 

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