Monday, March 18, 2013

please join me in praying for the following:

1) the community of Steubenville, Ohio and the surrounding area as they struggle to deal with the results of party gone terribly wrong.  I pray for the young woman...the young women...and the young men involved.  I pray for a community that must not deal with stereotypes images and media.  So much.

2) Owensboro, Ky...First Christian Church...their sanctuary was hit by lightening in the early hours of morning....complete distruction of their worship the grief and possibilities of the future.

There are others, but I ask prayers for these.

I saw the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit again today.  It's intoxicating to think about these scrolls and the possibilities of them.   I'm really overwhelmed by the questions and thoughts they bring to my faith.  It's sooooooo exciting!  Think about it...the oldest pieces of written faith for Judeo-Christian-Islamic traditions.

Walking around the room and looking at things I also like to look at the people.  There was one man he wanted to see EVERYTHING.  He wanted to absorb all of it and not miss anything.  The other men in his group were trying to nudge him along a little faster, but he was so enthralled he was going to get as much as he could.  He went back to touch the stone from the Wall.  One of the women in my own group was lit like Christmas.  I know come Sunday there will be a ton of exciting there's a way to start Holy Week!  YAY!

To think that scriptures could be so exciting!  But they are.  They have everything in them.  They have all the challenges, the stories and the wisdom for living.  Seriously, are you learning to live by watching Dancing with the Stars?  Great entertainment with people in really skimpy clothing, but seriously?  Scripture...I double dog dare you to read some....

It really would be too cool to see people reading their Bibles and being excited.....

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