Friday, March 1, 2013

Sabbath....had a conversation with someone recently who was thinking very strictly...Sabbath is Sunday.  I explained Sabbath is a day of rest.  If you're blessed to have it be Sunday great, but many of us aren't.  Today is my Sabbath this week.  I have a little work, but I have more Sabbath than work so I'm thrilled.

Sabbath isn't always an exact day or's really got to be an experience of God.  It's a time to relax, renew, play, reflect. 

I remember as a child reading the Laura Ingalls books and reading how her father was very strict with the Sabbath.  No work was to be done.  It was confining and restrictive.  It was a time of nothingness that was devoted to God.  Does God really deserve our nothingness?

I like the idea of Sabbath in it's true sense.  I once read up on Jewish Sabbath and sex.  Sex is encouraged on the Sabbath....To know your lover in the most intimate and nurturing of ways and finding the renewal of yourself and the other.  That's Sabbath.  By the way, I think God is intimately involved in sex, too....God's everywhere you know! 

Sabbath....a time to enjoy being re-inspire my heart and mind and play and laugh and know the non "work" parts of life. 

Lent is a serious's a serious journey...but it must include the Sabbath parts of life in it as well.  Lent needs to be wholistic to really get us fully to the cross and through the empty tomb. 

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