Thursday, May 19, 2011

This is one of those days where I feel bad that I have not been God centered and nearly as good a person as I wish.  (I'm sure NO ONE else has ever felt this one....wink, wink, nudge nudge!  All perfect people please leave blog NOW!)  It's one of those days when I am paying spiritually for my irritation with the world.  Ok, so it's been raining for weeks with only a few bright shiny days of pure joy mixed in.  Ok, so building issues have shown their ugly face again at church...nothing serious, but definitely annoying.  Ok, so I've had to deal with a man's world lately...but was gifted with a woman who fixed the problems left by the men.  (God's sense of humor?!)  Ok, so my family is a bunch of crabby people dealing with grey weather, end of school and a deep desire for spring/summer and family time.  Given all of that I think being a little grouchy is understandable...but it's still not truly acceptable.  I have let me human side outweigh my God centered side.  (This human vs God-centered thing is definitely TOUGH!)

We must all face our imperfections and our need for forgiveness of a regular, if not daily, basis!  BUT, blessedly the cross leads us right back to the empty tomb and the reminder to live a better way.  I'm grateful I'm not left to live without the cross, empty tomb and church!

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