Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day weekend and time, picnic, parades, pools opening, schools letting out, graduation parties....  Then I took time this week to prepare for church tomorrow a "short" honor for those who have served in war lately.  Ok, the last 20 years since that's how long this Iraq thing has been front and center.

I looked at these pictures of young men in their uniforms and in military surroundings looking proud and determined.  And also looking like some Mother's baby.  So young!  So innocent!  So much possibility gone!  I do not understand war!  NEVER will most likely, but that's not the point this weekend, is it?  It's about honoring those who gave more than we should ever ask.

Maybe someday we'll figure out that Peace truly begins with each of us doing and living Peace.  I'm a strong believer that Peace will only truly take hold of the world when we live it in the little moments in life.  Rather than being afraid of our neighbor, be kind and make a friend.  Rather than fear another race, recognize the beauty in the other person.  Rather than judge another faith, study it and understand it.  Rather than be angry, be kind and compassionate.  Rather than be filled with hate, be filled with joy and love.  Being Christian is counter-cultural!

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