Friday, May 13, 2011

16 years ago Michael and I graduated seminary and were ordained that summer.  Patricia was old enough to walk and I threatened to have her walk with me.  Afterall, without her my last year of seminary wouldn't have made sense.  Little did I know then that the rest of my life wouldn't make sense without her and eventually her sister.

I'm not the same person who received that Master's degree so many years ago, and in many ways that's the best way to describe the growth life has wrought.  There were painful days, joyful days, long lonely days of depression, days of laughter and finally, again, days of the ministry I had dreamt.  Today I reflect.  On the days gone by too quickly and the days lost in self absorbed growth.

I also reflect on my deepening reliance on the scriptures.  Like so many before, with and after me I graduated seminary thinking I was prepared.  I quickly learned I was clueless.  But with the strength of the voice of scripture I learned it's ok and I'm just as broken as everyone else. 

Romans 12 has been on my heart this week.  Not just words to read and enjoy, but words that have shaped me this week.  Words that I know I will hear speaking into my life for years to come.

Where  has God been shaping you the past few years and where is God's voice speaking for you to grow into who God is calling you to be?

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