Friday, March 30, 2012

This blog is a special place for's one of those moments where I share my faith in a discipline.  I'm not usually disciplined about my spiritual journey except during Lent.  As we prepare for Holy Week I wanted the chance to say thanks to those of you who have hung in here with me.  I really appreciate you!


             Acts of Random Kindness.   Today is a day to do something kind for another person you DON’T live with.  Part of living out our faith is sharing it and one of the best ways to share faith is to be kind to another person.  How many ways can God use you today to be kind to other people?

This has been one of my favorite devotional expressions during Lent this year.  It's a simple thing, but it is so important.  It doesn't take much and it doesn't mean going out of our way.  A simple trip to the grocery and seeing where God leads, a drive down the street and listening for God's voice, a walk around the neighborhood hearing God's voice are simple ways to be in God's presence and find ways to be kind to others.

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  1. Thank you for helping with my journey this Lent. I have a calendar reminder set for each day then visit to see what is the focus for the day.

    The Random Acts of Kindness have been fun. I have done those throughout Lent and it is always nice to see and be able to share why you have done something as simple as buy a softdrink for a co-worker.

    God is Good...All The Time!!!