Monday, May 7, 2012

This is really for parents...Moms in particular, but anyone who loves kids I hope will find something in this one.

My girls were exposed to a really tough conversation with a young woman who had been raped, attempted suicide and I'm really not sure what else.  The pain and confusion this conversation is causing in their hearts and faith is breaking my own heart.  Yes, I know they will be exposed to these conversations at some point and on some level.  But let's face it...when girls find out how truly ugly the world can be to a woman it is not an easy moment of comprehension.

Now that my girls (18 and 12....) are trying to comprehend how rape and suicide and angry parents can happen to one girl I need God's strength.  I need, oh Lord, for you to guide me to be the parent my girls most need of me now.  There are a lot of my friends, while facing other things, who need your strength, o Lord, to be the parents their children need them to be. 

So, that is my prayer for you, my friend.   That we will find the strength, patience and wisdom to be the parents our children need us to be.

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