Thursday, April 19, 2012

The days since Easter have been busy, but slowing down.  I spent a few days there just trying to wrap my mind around the amazing bigness of a God who creates and loves so deeply.  The cross and resurrection leave me in awe, but the greatness of our God creating so many complex and complicated people and calling them to love each other boggles my mind.

Today I'm waiting.  It's a good thing.  The electrician is coming to the house to finish some work, but got called away on an emergency.  I understand that lifestyle so it's no big deal to me.  I can wait.  It's good to wait.  Makes me engage in other things.  Cleaning, taking down storm windows (Yes, we bought an OLD house!), laundry, checking on my roses, finishing the last cup of coffee, my half hour of silence!

The musician at church has been after me for 2 weeks for an answer I needed time to pray over.  The answer is yes, but wrapping my head around how it all works is another thing.  That's why I need the half hour to breathe and comprehend and think.  Waiting provides that time.  It also reminds me I need to take the time in life instead of let the chaos take over.  Just let it go.

Today I wait...and breathe...and prepare.  For tomorrow my daughter goes to prom.  I'm proud of my beautiful young adult, but I'm scared for me.  I guess that's what Moms and Dads scared...when they let go and let our children soar with the eagles. 

Today I I breathe and know the breath of God filling me, preparing me, loving me.  That same God who created/creates and loves so deeply that the tomb was empty after the cross.  I wait in awe and wonder knowing this God as I watch my roses reach towards to sun and prepare to pop with glory.

Today I wait...

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