Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I like today!  I have to be honest, days like today just hold all kinds of possibilities.  LEAP DAY!  An extra day!  Today is one of the gift days where you make it what you want.  It has incredible possibilities!  I once knew a precious woman who eloped on this day many, many years ago.  She would tell the story and have me transfixed about how she and her boyfriend drove to a nearby town and got married and came home to tell their families before they realized what day it was.

What will this day hold?  Will it be a day of joy or pain?  Can a day of pain be turned into a day of joy?  Whatever way you find to make today special...make it God’s. 

On another thought...I was at the grocery yesterday and I walked through a bitchy little cat fight of female employees having words.  The snipping was mild, but getting ready to reveal the underlying hostility.  As I was leaving a man came up to me and demanded to know if I believe in teamwork.  I stood there with my mouth hanging open looking bewildered,but  I finally pulled it together enough to ask so intelligently, "What?"  To which he took the cart I was emptying and walked away yelling at me.  I chased 3 steps after him to say, "Have a nice day" and got more snippy yelling. 

The world needs a little joy....people need smiles, prayers, kind words and joy.  How will today offer opportunities for you to be a vessel of Joy?

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