Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yes, I remember today.  I also remember the days that followed and the hundreds of stories that still haunt me.  But today I pray for Peace!  I pray that God's peace will enter our world and children will not cry themselves to sleep without food or parents, women won't be stolen and sold into sex slavery, politicians won't pose for pictures instead of solve problems wisely.   I pray God's peace will end wars and my children will know a world that learns that religion is not a tool of hatred, but a gift to praise God.

Yes, I remember today.  I will pray that my Muslim friends will not be left in the dust of hatred and my Christian friends will not give into the onslaught of fear propoganda everywhere we look.  I pray that together a new voice can be heard...the voice of wisdom and strength that calls people to join hands in kindness and compassion rather than hate and violence.

While I'm at it I pray that what makes each of us unique will no longer be a label for someone's hatred.  I pray for sexuality and color to no longer define us.  I pray for age to be a blessing, young and old, rather than a fight.  I pray that wealth and poverty will no longer be so far apart, but that people will help each other without guilt, judgement or disdain. 

I'm not naive!  I know I seek what most folks consider impossible, but I believe in a God who is greater than my belief.  I believe in God's children being capable of doing the impossible when we so choose!

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