Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This devotional is uniquely designed
to bring us closer to God in a variety of ways.
You will find different styles of devotions throughout this booklet.  Each day is designed to offer a venue for growing closer to God through the scriptures, silence and prayers.

Most of the days are created by me, but I have to give
thanks to Michael Doerr and Carolee Finkle for contributing
their gifts from faith as well.

May this devotional be a blessing to your faith
This Lenten season.  I know it’s been a blessing
Creating for us.

Love, Heather

March 9th
Ash Wednesday!  The beginning of Lent.  It’s a today to begin the journey to the cross and resurrection.  Lent is a time to reflect on our lives, name our sins, cleanse our lives...It’s a time to prepare ourselves for amazing things that happen during Holy Week and Easter.

That sounds all well and good and lofty doesn’t it?  Sounds like a good thing to do.  But it’s not easy.  Self reflection and letting go of our sinful nature have a tendency to be comfortable.  It’s comfortable to  overeat, be lazy, watch TV/read a good mystery, play outside, golf, work late instead of  read scripture, etc. etc.

Lent is a time to spend time with God.  God created you, right?  God loves you, right?  God is present all around you, right?  It’s time to devote a little bit of each day to being in his presence aware of his fingers lovingly molding you.

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